Thursday, March 10, 2005

Another Bout of Madness

Doug Farah breaks a crucial Viktor Bout story: Aerocom, the Boutco whose AOC was revoked by Moldova for cocaine-running, is flying personnel from Aegis Defence Systems, British mercenary Tim Spicer's company, about the Middle East on US government business. The former boss of Sandline International is also, it seems, connected with Bout's partner Sanjivan Ruprah through his partner in Executive Outcomes, Anthony Buckingham. Tim, of course, was also associated with the "Mark Thatcher" coup plot in Equatorial Guinea.

Let's let that sink in....not only are they still using Viktor's services, but they are using an airline that had an aircraft seized by the DEA with a load of blow last year, whose reputation is so filthy they were thrown out of Moldova. Just what is wrong with these people? Interestingly, Aerocom's historic fleet includes aircraft that were both acquired from Jetline International (operators of Richard Chichakli's private BAC111 3C-QRF) and also ones they transferred to Jetline. Not only that, but they also used aircraft belonging to Jet Line International - another Moldovan Boutco. This may be an emerging answer to the question of whether the "Jetline" in Iraq was Jet Line or Jetline (if you see what I mean) and hence whether a link between Chichakli and the Iraq contracts exists.

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