Friday, March 25, 2005

Admin Notice/Metablogging: Blog Eruptions

Well, this is the end of the second week of my career. So far, we've had good moments, like interviewing chief executives at Claridges - and less good ones, like proof correcting articles on telephone billing systems. You will no doubt have noticed light blogging, which is hardly surprising given that my previous existence as a student and full-time blogger gave me near-infinite resources of time (and internet access). But on the whole I think I've managed to keep the blog together. However, it does tend to take the form of sudden blogdumps rather than a steady stream of updates. Perhaps you could all read one post a day, thus simulating the original Ranter experience?

Or perhaps you could read Soj instead for daily coverage? It's truly odd how he/she/it/they and I have had so much parallel development - we both independently dug into the Bout thing at the same time and worked for months on it before I became aware of other investigators, Soj has described the aim of the Simian as "a sort of one-person CIA" or daily intelligence briefing, very close to my initial conception of this blog. (I considered the title The Drone, as in reconnaissance drone.) There are a lot of common interests; the former Soviet Union, unconventional warfare, piracy, all kinds of stuff. In fact, a good collaborative-blogging project might be the Blogistan Intelligence Service (perhaps Bloggers' Legwork Operations Group or BLOG for short).

Another issue is that I've recently had a side project on, connected with the Viktor Bout thing - three weeks ago I'd have been delighted and would have had all the time in the world for it, but as it stands I'm having to fit it around work and the continuing blog. By the way, if any readers have more information on Aerocom in particular, please avail yourselves of the comments function.

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