Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Torture - not just evil, stupid too

"American interrogators working in Iraq have obtained as much as 50 percent more high-value intelligence since a series of coercive practices like hooding, stripping and sleep deprivation were banned, a senior American official said Monday.

Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, the American commander in charge of detentions and interrogations, said that the number of "high-value" intelligence reports drawn from interrogations of Iraqi prisoners had increased by more than half on a monthly basis since January. That was when American officials first disclosed that they were investigating abuses of Iraqi prisoners at the hands of American military police and intelligence officers at Abu Ghraib.."
Well, it's about time too, seeing as last month had the highest rate of attacks on coalition forces since the war began (no less than 87 contacts daily on average). What with Chalabi's brother on a murder rap, Chalabi himself and half the Pentagon suspected of passing classified information to the Israeli secret services, you can see why they'd need some "dignity and respect", the official term for the new interrogation policy.

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