Thursday, September 16, 2004

A Small Protest Wave

Looking at the news lately, you might think there was a degree of discontent in the air - first of all, the chap with the sledgehammer outside Downing Street, then Fathers4Justice climbing Buckingham Palace, now foxhunters invading the House of Commons chamber while their comrades fought it out with the cops outside. Not that I agree with them, but this quote from one of the chamber invaders has a certain resonance:
"The government - they've mucked up pensions, they've mucked everything! There is no democracy!"
Well, you can see his point of view, what with the revelation that British officers were present at Abu Ghraibh -and isn't the degree of Anglo-American respect shown here great! Link
"Col Jordan was questioned in February by Major General Antonio Taguba, the US officer in charge of the investigation. Asked who was then his supervisor, he replied: "Colonel Campbell James, British colonel, just came on board".

Asked whether he worked directly for him, Col Jordan responded: "I work directly, sir, I'm gonna tell you, on paper I work directly for him. But between you, me and the fencepost, I work directly for Gen Fast and keep Col James informed because [of the] British versus American pecking order"
What bothers me is the degree of fury and spectacle devoted to fox hunting and the failure of all the constitutional defence systems to deal with this.

BTW, I said that the glass barrier across the House wouldn't work, didn't I?

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