Tuesday, May 18, 2004

It's a Dustbin Lorry; It's an Industrial Oven; It's a Disaster!

It is reported that the Health & Safety Executive is concentrating on an industrial oven at the Glasgow plastics factory that blew up and killed nine people. This oven is not like other ovens because this one is special. In fact, it's that special it used to be a dustbin lorry!Report
"Jim Fletcher, 33, a former employee of the plant, told the Mail on Sunday that staff had been concerned.

"We felt very uneasy about the whole idea of a bin lorry being used as an industrial oven, but we had to follow orders," he said."

Now that's what I call recycling. Or perhaps it's the flexibility we're meant to be striving for - one day an industrial oven, one day a worker-splattering horror, one day a truckload of rubbish! This may speak volumes (link):
"New industrial gas ovens must, under European law, incorporate two safety features: an explosion relief panel, which directs an explosion through a deliberately weak panel into a safe area, and also a safety valve which prevents a build-up of gas.

However, the rule, which was introduced 10 years ago, does not apply retrospectively and if the ovens at the Glasgow factory had been purchased before this date then they would not necessarily carry these safety features."

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