Thursday, May 20, 2004

Chalabi's house raided by US

Yahoo! News - U.S. Troops Raid Chalabi's House in Iraq
Ahmed Chalabi, the former hope of the Pentagon's true believers, is finally on the skids. The Iraqi exile politician whose Iraqi National Congress was the source of many of the wilder tales about nuclear weapons and Iraqis greeting the US Army with flowers as opposed to RPGs, small arms, kitchen sinks etc has just seen his act topple, as the Pentagon cut off his $340,000 monthly subsidy and the US Military Police paid his house a visit. Apparently the affair has something to do with the investigation of alleged abuses in the Oil for Food programme. As Chalabi ended up in possession of the Ba'athist files, which he has used to blackmail political rivals, and seems to have been the source for many of the "oil money" stories, I wonder if the Americans are trying to get to the bottom of those leaks - as well as recovering the intelligence files he allegedly grabbed immediately after the war.

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