Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Trusted psychic canines speak: It's all Arnold

Trusted psychic canines speak

But this beats the lot...."We phoned Jacqueline Stallone, matriarch of the "Rocky" brain trust, and got the official forecast from her clairvoyant canines, Rachel, Hannah and Friday. As you might recall, in July 2000, the miniature pinschers astounded the political world by correctly predicting that George W. Bush would defeat Al Gore by a razor-thin margin of "a couple hundred votes."

Never mind that the prognosticating pooches also said prison inmates would soon be sent to Mars and guarded by robots. When it comes to politics, they're golden. So, whom do they pick to win California's recall roulette?

"Arnold Schwarzenegger, by a major margin," said Mama Stallone, interpreting for the dogs, who speak no English. "If my dogs like him, he's in."

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