Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Final Candidate Count Is to Be Announced Today

LA Times story

Well, the last day of nominations is here, and so far no-one knows who's standing and who isn't!

"With California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley scheduled to certify a final list of candidates for the recall election today, confusion continued over how many candidates will appear on the Oct. 7 ballot. Shelley's office announced Tuesday that its list of prospective candidates had swelled to 247. But that widely reported number is deceptive, according to county registrars around the state, who actually handle the candidate filings.

"People see big numbers and those become the headlines," said Gail Pellerin, Santa Cruz County's election manager.
Registrars have been compiling their own list that indicates that the number of candidates will be closer to 145.

As of Tuesday, Shelley's staff had determined that 131 Californians had qualified to run for governor. Seventy-six others had been disqualified for incomplete paperwork — more than a dozen of whom had paid the nonrefundable $3,500 filing fee. The tally leaves 40 people that state election officials must check before today's deadline."

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