Sunday, February 19, 2012

more nonprofit profit

I don't often link to the Daily Hell but this is a special occasion. A4E in police fraud inquiry.

On a similar theme, here's a piece on Tory discontent with the NHS bill that names names. Specifically, Gove, IDS, Osborne, NI Secretary Owen Paterson, and horrible old thatcherite gargoyle Sir George Young. That sounds like a nice roundup of the hard right/neocon stahlhelm fraktion, so why are they unhappy? Apparently they don't think it's extreme enough now, but then that might be just pushing the blame on the Lib Dems.

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Anonymous said...

The Tories are at a strategic crossroads on the Health Bill. If they back down they appear weak. If they push on the public will have a very clear idea of the way that their mind works, which might increase opposition to applying their philosophy in other fields. The gargoyles you mention think that it would be better, strategically, to drop the Bill then keep quiet for a bit and apply some of the philosophy somewhere else. (Gove, at education, is playing a similar game of claiming to hand power to parents through Free Schools while in fact handing it to private companies through Academies.)


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