Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Amnesty Rule

Has anyone ever accused Amnesty International of being silent on (insert abuse here) and not been lying through their teeth? Seriously; I've had this argument so many times on the Internet since, ooh, 1996 or thereabouts. It always follows this pattern:

A: Amnesty International says that some government/movement/company/faceless mob B supports is doing something incredibly evil.
B: Amnesty International? Well, A, why doesn't Amnesty do anything about government/movement/company/faceless mob, opposed to my cause, and their incredible evil?
C: Actually, Amnesty organised a entire campaign against it. It's in their annual report for YEAR, which is online, at LINK.
B: Woof woof woof. *waves hands*

I don't think I've ever seen this happen when B actually had a point - time after bleeding time, it followed this exact course. I therefore intended to declare this as a law, like Godwin's Law. The Amnesty rule - anyone who asks "why doesn't Amnesty speak out on X?" is lying.

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