Sunday, February 07, 2010

looking over the edge of the teacup

Jamie Kenny complains that nobody reads his Chinese blogosphere roundups and, more seriously, that nobody else in the British blogosphere writes about anything Chinese. He has a good point (and I'd strongly recommend them to anyone who reads this who doesn't read them).

Come to think of it, a hell of a lot of British blogging is hideously insular, and I think this is yet another example of the invasion of swine launched by the big-party - well - Conservative pro blogging operation after about 2005. Of course, there is a strong argument that we'll all look a lot of clowns discussing some MGI in distant Gansu when George Osborne calls in the IMF so he can introduce MyNHS 2.0, now with hospital fees. I've occasionally wondered whether this blog is a bit too global, but seeing as this year's hit was David Cameron poster remixes, I suppose I have my answer.

Daniel Davies had a month of African bloggers a while back, but one of the first rules of blogging is "put not your trust in Dsquared, as you will wait many years for that review of Freakonomics". So perhaps I should pick on some supposedly significant branch of blogging. I'm already involved in a pan-European blog, of course, at least when I get around to posting anything.

Does anyone have suggestions?

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ejh said...

Try South of Watford for Spanish news.

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