Sunday, August 30, 2009

most of the people watching this are in fact my sworn enemies

This is right, as is this. But what's this? I essentially joined the Liberal Democrats back in 2004 in order to escape the - ah, thanks, flyingrodent - belligerent content-free woofing blaring out of every other political entity, and here's the party's leader in Scotland, whining because they let a guy out of jail to die in a rather less awful fashion than the jail doctors would offer.

Tavish Scott, the Scottish leader of the Lib Dems, said the justice secretary needed to explain his actions to parliament. "The eyes of the world are on the Scottish government and they are being found wanting," he said. "MSPs need to come back to Holyrood to debate this issue. Parliament must be recalled."
Oh, of course, it's all serious and chin stroking David Broder bollocks about recalling parliament and the eyes of the world, but as they say, you've got to choose your camp, and Tavish Scott seems to have chosen the belligerent content-free woofers. This is especially worrying, as the Lib Dems' only people with government experience are the ones who served their time in Cardiff or Holyrood.

Meanwhile, you've got a choice between Britain's Bill Frist (doctor/politicians pretending to diagnose someone by remote control for partisan ends? Just what we needed, Richard Simpson MSP!) and this lot - ever wondered why Squealer in Animal Farm was a pig?

I'm feeling a bit Toyama today, frankly. What worries me is that I don't seem to be getting angry, just sarcastic, which is less productive.

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Anonymous said...

Alex, I too am a member of the Liberal Democrats, but I'm increasingly unimpressed with the leadership's crippling inability to make even the meagrest of political capital in the light of the Lab/Con mutual twaddlefest. New Labour and the Tories are now basically the jostling wings of the Business Party, with scarcely enough room between them for a ciggy paper. Yet Nick Clegg and the Cleggons still fail to offer the authentic left-of-centre programme which the country is crying out for. I maintain my membership but increasingly feel as if its a flag of convenience.

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