Thursday, February 12, 2009

if I was a master thief perhaps I'd rob you

Despite the warnings, Donal Blaney is being an arsehole again. For some reason connected with her being 20 years old and female, he's formed a creepy obsession with the Labour PPC for Skipton & Ripon; but a Straussian reading is worth carrying out.

He's very pleased by the fact she is unlikely to win; but there is absolutely no mention of her opponent. David Curry is a survivor of the Knights of the Shires, a Tory of the tradition of MacMillan, a moderate and rational burgher who enjoys huge support in the Dales. Running against him is indeed a suicide mission, but the reasons for this are ones Don could never admit to. Curry is reconciled to a welfare state, enthusiastic for the European Union, a classic constituency MP, a strong fighter for local autonomy, who has remained rock solid against all central party pressure to change his views.

Pity he voted for the Iraq war. But then, so many other Conservatives believe worse.
Amnesty International once again show their true political colours in a campaign ad against the practice of waterboarding.

Don is fighting the real enemy.

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Anonymous said...

David Curry is retiring at the next election.

Perhaps Blaney fancies a sinecure in the HoC and is getting his campaign started early?

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