Monday, August 01, 2011

Who's got the logs?

Ah! Found it: although Yates told the House he had the mobile operators inform the hacked, and named Vodafone and Orange, he didn't. Specifically, Orange identified about 45 victims but didn't tell anyone. Vodafone identified 40 and only told a few who were considered VIPs. T-Mobile UK claims not to have found any. 3UK isn't mentioned. Only O2 is known to have informed all of theirs without waiting to be asked. I therefore presume that the operator that has logged all the lawful intercept requests back to 2009 is O2, although I don't have any further evidence for this deduction.


Anonymous said...

O2 is too incompetent to have wiped records, it would take too long to write the script necessary to do it across their 2 or 3 separate in-house billing platforms.

Funny how quiet Chucky D over at TalkTalk has been, no? Isn't he all about the privacy whenever forced disconnection comes up?

Don't forget CPW has somewhere near a million O2 customers on their billing platform too, so don't just focus on the Big 5 when considering who told whom.

hortoris said...

Victimology is looking for someone to blame. The mobile companies are in business to make money and do not worry about problems

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