Sunday, July 10, 2011

plastic gangsters

Something else, (via BorisWatch's Twitter feed): I didn't know Coulson lived so close to the infamous pub at the centre of the Southern Investigations case.

Come to think of it, News International people always liked to project a gangsterish image, ever since they moved to the East End, even though the choice of Wapping was because there was a big empty warehouse there. As a fashion-statement it's hardly unknown, of course. It's no surprise that both Dave Courtney and "Mad" Frankie Fraser managed to weave the whole affair into their mutual beef. The Sun did both of their post-criminal careers as celebrities a power of good. Am I right in thinking this coincided with Brooks and Coulson's rise through the NI hierarchy?

There's much more good stuff over here, including a photo...of the pub!.

But if we were making a film, it would be round about now that the plastic gangsters found themselves involved in something far more serious.

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