Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back to 2006

Bérube sez:
So these days, when I talk to my scientist friends, I offer them a deal. I say: I’ll admit that you were right about the potential for science studies to go horribly wrong and give fuel to deeply ignorant and/or reactionary people. And in return, you’ll admit that I was right about the culture wars, and right that the natural sciences would not be held harmless from the right-wing noise machine.

Ah..I said back in February 2007:
the modern global Right has operationalised postmodernism as a system of power

The Googles tells me I actually said it as far back as April, 2006 in a thread at Chris Lightfoot's.

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gawp said...

A good presentation on this topic: The Postmodern Condition: The Assault on Truth from Left to Right by Peter McKnight of the Vancouver Sun.

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