Sunday, June 08, 2008

still crazy after all these years

Remember we wanted to know more about Asia Airways? This entity has solidified somewhat, and it now has a place of registry (Tajikistan, EY-) and some aeroplanes. There are four Il-76, registered EY-601 to 604, and three Antonov 12s, registered EY-401 to 403. Interestingly, all the aircraft we have any information on have been transferred from Click Airways (CGK), the now EU-banned operator that has been running quite a lot of Il-76s from the UAE to various war zones. There are still a few CGK and CKW codes coming up in the movements, but they are certainly dropping off by comparison with ASW, Transliz and BGIA; it looks like the fleet is being reshuffled.

Interestingly, on this day of 2004 retroblogging, they include An-12 serial number 8345607, which stopped a surface-to-air missile over Baghdad back then as EK-12555. So did 8346006, working for Phoenix Aviation as EK-12333. Built strong - Antonov strong. And the Il-76 EY-603 has been seen with Rus Aviation as well - yes, these guys.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting how the usual suspects have been as busy as ever since Victor's been in the pokey. We've even seen some old favourites that haven't been around in a while, like Transaviaexport.

Here's a new one for you from the Sharjah arrival board:

15-Jun 07:05 Unknown Tristar Air Amsterdam TSY 802 Arrived at 07:09

I don't find any reference to any airline called "Tristar Air Amsterdam". There's a Tristar Air in Egypt who fly an A300 freighter, though.

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