Saturday, May 24, 2008

TYR Technical Partner -

Just to explain my absence, first of all I've been changing ISPs - you may recall I promised to give Virgin Media the push. Bogons Ltd - Internet for the Clueful were tapped after the normal exhaustive procurement process, and I spent last Sunday afternoon setting up an ADDON ARM8200 modem/router to work with my existing WRT54G WLAN box. I was hoping to use ZIPB, but eventually settled for renumbering the WRT54 (although, as the modem seems to be a Viking one, this might show the way).

Anyway, that was fun...of a sort, and the upshot is that Phorm can still bugger off and I now have considerably higher IP bandwidth. And then I vanished down a wormhole in the work-life continuum for the rest of last week, so no blogging for you, which is just as well because I was mostly thinking about SIM-based authentication systems and related OSS-BSS issues. And you wouldn't want that.

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Sir S said...

bogon is the Australian word for a working class yobbo with a mullet. Well done sir!

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