Thursday, April 03, 2008

Solidarity with the oppressed police informers

Not looking great for Comrade Bob, which is fine news to anyone other than a blind-thick arsewit. David Osler thrashes Stephen Glover over a gaggle of strawmen about how "the Left" secretly support Zanu-PF; he's right, you know. I've said before that Tories still have a very odd relationship to Southern Africa, and here is exhibit A - check out the raging projection as he struggles to avoid the thought of Margaret Thatcher and Lord Carrington arranging for Mugabe to take power in the first place, whilst also trying to dog whistle the old Rhodesia lobby without breaking cover. Gah.

But this made me think; surely, somebody's going to mourn Robert Mugabe. Probably...How long before Neil Clark or John Laughland comes out of the woodwork to accuse the MDC of being as bad as Hitler, or something? Checking up, I find Clark is fully occupied accusing Nicolas Sarkozy of being as bad as Petain, but no doubt he'll get to it in due course.


ejh said...

Ah - wouldn't it be better form to wait until the chap's said something because suspecting him of thinking it?

Alex said...

It's not a suspicion, it's a prediction. And he has called me a Nazi in the past.

ejh said...

Has he? That's not very nice, is it?

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