Sunday, March 09, 2008

Firedump Re-Re-Wind

Whilst I've got your attention, there are still aircraft on the Operation Firedump list we're looking for. Ruud Leeuw deserves your thanks for keeping after this.
UN-75003 seen at Jeddah 03Jan08, still in basic Air Cess livery, no titles, operating a flight for Jubba Airways [Aviation Letter - Jan.2008]
# UN-75005 seen at Jeddah 01Jan08, in basic blue Air Cess c/s, no titles [Aviation Letter - Jan.2008]

Chuck in the Boeing 727 UN-B2702, serial 21861.

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Anonymous said...

That 727 looks especially shady. "Mega Airlines", which appears transparently to be a recent BoutCo, has several of them, along with Il-18s that look like they came from Air Cess by way of Dallo/Jubba.

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