Sunday, February 24, 2008

TYR 2.0 Beta

Whilst you snooze, this blog has been moving; I set up an alternate version of it some months ago using Wordpress, but until now it's been private. The upgrade should provide a generally less Spirit of 2003 look-and-feel, improved comments support (a frequent request), a recent comments service, better categorisation, and a linklog.

I'd really like your comments, people; the new blog has been tested by a select group of invitees already. Feedback so far includes requests for a more contrasty colour scheme. I personally want to put in a third column to house things like the linklog and comments separately from the archives and categorisation.

However, can it really be true that wants me to *pay to edit my CSS*? What is this nonsense? Further, is anyone aware of an API that lets you interact directly with the MySQL db underneath, as I want to replace all the links to with ones to the corresponding

Update: The new RSS feed is


hardindr said...

What is the new blog's RSS feed?

Anonymous said...

There is no link to such a feed on the new site that I could find...

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