Friday, February 01, 2008

Iain Dale is Frankly Ridiculous

Off to Washington
Iain Dale 11:24 AM

Just getting on the plane. No comments can be moderated until around 10pm. Have a nice day!

Directly beneath this missive is the following HONKING GREAT AD:

Mind you, the ability to be in favour of aeroplanes but not runways is pretty much constitutive of post-1979 British Conservatism. Or is he travelling in an air-refuelled V-22 Osprey, funded by the Young Britons' Foundation in partnership with MessageSpace and nothing whatsoever to do with the Heritage Foundation?


Iain Dale said...

I made clear in a previous post that I fully support a third runway at Heathrow and do not support the London United campaign. This is quite clearly a paid for advertisement. If I refused to take t, no doubt you;d accuse me of censorship, Can't win sometimes!

Alex said...

For values of "fully support" not including "not selling ads to the other side", then. Glad that's cleared up.

BTW, how much would I need to pay you to run an IAIN DALE IS FRANKLY RIDICULOUS ad?

Tom said...

Can I offer a tenner to run 'TIM IRELAND FOR PRIME MINSTER', please?

Local Tories round here (Chiswick) are fervently opposed to the third runway, by the way. See the posts by David Giles on the forum.

Martin Wisse said...

Who would suspect that nimbyism would be such a big part of Torydom?

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