Sunday, January 27, 2008

PDA. UAV. Cup of tea?

Interesting article in Aviation Leak & Space Technology about the Chinese air defence system, built of standard telecoms/IT stuff. Encrypted IP over many different bearers, landline fibre rather than microwave, that sort of thing. Two things come to mind:

1) Americans; can you just accept that Huawei exists and its engineers are competent? OK? You don't need to postulate Dr Evil stories. Thanks.

2) If you read the link you'll see that the US Marines are experimenting with jammers on a UAV controlled from a PDA-like device. This is cool, but in a world of Bug Labs, you've got to reckon the other side will have them.


Martin Wisse said...

Is it just me, or is that article all a bit "Saddam uses PS2s to control his missiles"?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that the Chinese now have the infrastructure to run their own version of Celldar to detect, say, stealth aircraft and ships, by correlating and tracking the holes and shadows in the background mobile phone signal reception via the landline infrastructure connecting the mobile phone base stations ?

Even if they do not have a working system, presumably airforce planners will assume that they might have, and therefore add local cell towers to their target lists, just in case.

Is the risk to your children at a school with a nearby mobile phone base station transmitter greater from the microwaves directly, or from the chance of shrapnel from an anti-radar missile ?

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