Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Tom Griffin links a stack of briefings prepared by the Reconstruction Operations Centre in Iraq, the coordination point for private security firms run by Aegis Defence Services. The first thing that strikes me is that they are impressively more sane, factual, and useful that anything I've seen emanating from the US Army.

Not that this argues private-sector efficiency, mind - the competitive force here is the possibility of getting shot. Bullets don't care. But anyway. The most recent - prepared on the 19th of May - states that the RAF's Basra Air Station is under regular indirect fire. This is, after all, where the British force in Iraq is being concentrated when the Basra Palace headquarters is shut down in the next few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

The complicity of the Beeb and Murdoch owned rags and the Guadrian in not reporting the fact the people we "liberated" hate us more than the Sunni is a fucking disgrace.

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