Sunday, October 15, 2006

I am probably the last blogger to blog this, but..

..Texan complains that the book assigned for his son to read in his school's "Banned Books Week" is "just all kinds of filth". Wants it banned. The work in question? Fahrenheit 451.

I wish I could find enough enthusiasm to laugh, but what with things like Sir Ian "Four in the clip and one in da hole" Blair promising internment without trial, and the farrago of sick, Turner Diaries coup fantasies in the comments thread, David Blunkett outing himself as a war criminal, and one who is so clueless he thinks a satellite TV station based in Qatar has a "transmitter" in Baghdad, and Green Zone staffers sporting polo shirts marked "Resistance is futile!", it gets tough. Still, Ian Blair currently has a policy of interment without trial, so perhaps it would be an improvement.

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