Saturday, July 29, 2006

Monster floating radar!

Remember this post? Not only did it have rockets, plausible deniability and much more comments-rocking stuff, it also had a gigantic sea-going radar station. Chris Williams remarked in comments that
"We only need a submarine and a glamorous lady spy and we've got an Alastair Maclean thriller."
I disagree. The giant floating radar turned up off Hawaii, the Hawaii Star-Bulletin reports, in need of dockyard assistance after spending the last few months on its sea trials around the islands (so it certainly wasn't anywhere near its station off Alaska when the missile crisis-ette was going on). And it's not Alistair MacLean it calls to mind. Take a look.

Mr. Bond - I've been expecting you..

If that isn't the spitting image of deranged shipping tycoon Karl Stromberg's secret submarine base in The Spy who Loved Me, I dunno what is. It's 28 storeys high, 282 feet long and displaces 50,000 tons.

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