Friday, November 25, 2005


So there's this comment that appears in one of my old threads and it says "Nick Griffin is a paedophile", giving what is clearly a string of random letters as a name. Then it appears again. Identical. So I goes and I asks da comment, whatta you know about Nick? Comment doesn't answer, stares in his beer.

Obviously I go do a WHOIS. You got weird comments and you know the IP address, you do a WHOIS. Meh, it goes through to an ISP in Sheffield called, to a customer netblock. So off I goes and I does a reverse DNS lookup on And, what? I find it calls itself Not that you'll find no website with that name. Naturally, the name belongs the hostmaster.

So I google. And what do I find? A world of websites where some clown has been posting identical troll posts all pointing links right at, a domain that don't no more exist than she was a rabbit. But there's some site left in the Google cache, not much of a one though.

So - some knobber's been trying to fill the Internet with links to their crappy little site by having a script copy nonsense into blog comments threads and can't be bothered to maintain it. Netwebresearch, kindly piss off.

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