Friday, September 02, 2005

All bastards are equal - but some are more equal than others

Christopher Hitchens on Newsnight:
They're not mostly Americans - really from the isthmus and the Caribbean. It's a sign the American dream still exists that they are willing to live below sea level for it

But, of course...
There is of course a shared humanity

Surely there is.

You unforgivable whore. It might once have been a legitimate argument that a war against Iraq was defensible. It hasn't been, in the light of facts on the ground, for many months. You may find it necessary to be consistent - but why do you have to act as a propagandist for this? I mean, what is it? Money? Or contacts, access? God help you if the society of Republican donors is worth your integrity. You don't do any real reporting - you don't need to maintain contacts you'd rather not. So - what is it? Why aren't the dead real people if it's George's fault?

Why, if you're a fan of unconditional patriotism, don't you apply it to your own country? More importantly, if you are as clever as you think, why are you still hooked on the nationalism pills? There are a lot of British writers who felt a sucking current to the States, and one thing unites them - they never wrote anything worth a pint of piss there. Fuck off.

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Anonymous said...

Just found this post via Dave Weeden.
Well said. Hitchens is a c**t.

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