Sunday, October 10, 2004

Have the 'Kippers finally lost it?

Robert Kilroy Silk is quoted by the Torygraph as giving his reasons for supporting foxhunting, thus:
"When pressed, he declared himself against the death penalty, in favour of private health insurance (because he has it) and a supporter of hunting (because a vixen recently ate his 30 rare Vietnamese pheasants which were imported at great expense from Beijing Zoo to roam his garden).

He also denied that he was unpatriotic by living part of the year in Spain, where he has a £2 million villa on a 100-acre estate near Marbella. He insisted that his main residence was a 17th-century manor house in Buckinghamshire, home, incidentally, to Ozzy Osborne before him."

UKIP - in touch with ordinary folk. And entirely normal, whatever the sneerers may say. Link

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