Monday, June 30, 2003 - Margie Burns

This lot sent me one of their articles today concerning the Bushes...the site is pretty good, and the name refers to the long-gone leftist movement in the 1890s in America. (A lesson - you can have left-wing populism too, not just Richard Littlejohn..)
I'm considering giving them a permanent link and reposting the article, but this obviously had to wait for Ranter security checks to be completed - as they say, on the net no-one knows you're really a dog, and that goes for nutters, anti-Semites, conspiracy weirdsters etc. Initial examination was pretty clear, but then I found this....

"When I wrote my earlier articles on remote control, I was inclined to discount the issues surrounding pilot capabilities. I was concerned that readers would give the benefit of the doubt to the "terrorists" and believe that they somehow managed to carry off the mission in spite of their lack of training. However, I received the following mail from a reader, who convinced me that this is a serious problem indeed for those who believe the official story.

While in the Air Force I worked on heat-seeking, video, electro-optical, and laser-guided air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and bombs. As a profession today I work in computer network engineering. As a hobby I am an avid fisherman very familiar with the concepts of GPS. From my perspective it would be a piece of cake to build a back door access into an aircraft's avionics and sieze control of the vessel."

Yes. 767s really can be secretly controlled via the internet. You may believe that if you wish. From there, it was no surprise to find that it was all a Jewish conspiracy orchestrated by Israeli companies involved in phone billing. If you want to be taken seriously, Margie Burns and, don't write this sort of shite. It's a pity about, but this sort of thing is a class-A discrediting factor. In all, a waste of good bandwidth.

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