Sunday, September 25, 2011

he's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy

Did anyone else read this and this and get the horrible feeling that Maurice Glasman is over-promoted, and likely to crash in some really embarrassing way, even more than he has done already? It reminds me a bit of Tony Blair at his elevenarife worst or one of those people who are caught pretending to be commanding the SAS from a Kwik Save in Eccleshill.

Not only was he advising Ed Miliband, but David as well! And it seems he was giving them diametrically opposite advice, as if to find out what would happen! Not only was he an obscure lecturer, but he was literally starving! But when he became a member of the House of Lords, he was able to build a new storey on his house in Hackney!

(Hint: probably best not boast about using your parliamentary attendance-money to build an extension. Just because it's not a duckhouse...)

Also, this: Rather than giving a single mother housing benefit, Blue Labour is more likely to give her a stake in a community land trust.

Where is all this land in, say, Islington, the borough with two grass football pitches and one of them is Arsenal, coming from? Further, where will she live and how will she avoid eviction during the years the CLT will need to round up financing and fight its way through the planning process before the project even breaks ground? Wouldn't it be easier if she could just, eh, stay in her home rather than move to some vague new construction project God-knows-where?

Also, I'm sure some of us can relate to this:

Then I suddenly thought of David, and the grief, and James [Purnell], and the party, and the bitterness, and I thought, I'm glad I'm in Shoreditch today.

Just dance, you'll be OK, right? No, actually, nothing that fun, he was at somebody or other's wedding and staring at his phone for news.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I have thought the same thing (think I may have tweeted it or perhaps I thought better on the grounds of taste / libel). I was thinking David Icke style meltdown, probably involving wearing turquoise and talking about the reptilian agenda (as in hello Glastonbury, we are Reptilian Agenda).

Anonymous said...

So the Labour Party got involved with another charlatan who claimed to have all the answers.

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