Wednesday, April 07, 2010

the voices of randomness

My Markov chain blog occasionally brings forth wonders.

The a speech of David Cameron would be facing in this country who hope that the Jews generally and poisonous Jewish millionaires the Centre for many Americans are long tentacles of the little platoons of the gathering darkness.

It's incredible how the paranoia makes itself felt. A Lovecraft theme here, of course.

Martin "Asian supermen are our rightful masters - submit!" Jacques, meanwhile:

The Chinese believe that a trade war drawing in the country's centre of power relate to a long drawn out process of the Uighurs: duties and equally fine wine a likely possibility.

Indeed a characteristic of government is running scared.

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Chris said...

'The little platoons of the gathering darkness' is clearly the title of an early 60s short by Phil Dick. Want to read it now.

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