Saturday, January 16, 2010

which can eternal lie...

An interesting question. Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney were survivors of the Nixon and Ford administrations. Which crawling horrors from the Bush years will be around to plague us in the future? With a year's hindsight, it ought to be fairly clear who's recovering. For example, a lot of the senior posts in the current shadow cabinet are held by people who were in it within the first couple of years of Blair, and you could say the same for punditry.

The question is easier to answer in the negative - it's pretty unlikely that Douglas Feith or Dan Senor have glittering bureaucratic futures ahead of them. A whole gaggle of second tier people were killed off by the various scandals ranging from CIA corruption to the US Attorneys. The connoisseur's answer is David Addington, but there's only one of him. That leaves us with an impressive known unknown - we know there will have been a handsome new crop of pig-bastards, but we don't know who they are.

Apparently a lot of them were transferred into the permanent civil service in the last months of the regime; presumably, this involves gazetting the appointments, so there must be data out there somewhere. It's still an astonishing thought that they managed to keep the Vice-Presidency's phone book secret.

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Kevin Carson said...

Your lovecraftian title reminded me of a little scenario written by one of the commenters at Atrios blog several years ago:

Dick Cheney shoots himself in the bunker. Lynne Cheney cannibalizes the corpse and gives birth to snakes and frogs.

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