Sunday, June 28, 2009


Am I daft, or was the Apple iBook G4, 12" screen, the least annoying computer of my experience?


Charlie Stross said...

ITYM Powerbook G4, 12". The aluminium chassis saved about 2mm on thickness and 300 grams on weight while preserving the essential dimensions of the beast -- and giving it a better keyboard.

Alex said...

Bah. I have no experience of that device, and no complaint about the kbd. I would happily take one now; like a "netbook" but useful!

NomadUK said...

Whether it was the least annoying computer of your experience is something, I would imagine, only you can judge.

Having said that, I find my MacPro dual core 2.2GHz, 15" glossy screen, extremely nice; photos just look beautiful on that screen.

There are only two annoyances, one minor and one major:

The minor one is the switch to the new, smaller FireWire port, which means I had to get a new cable to connect my FireWire drives, and I'll have to get an adapter if I ever want to connect my digital video camera (which I actually almost never use, as it turns out, so that's unlikely).

The major one is the switch to the DisplayPort video output, which means I can't easily connect the damned thing to my non-digital television, which has only S-video in. I can now shell out a shedload and get a D-A converter box, or I can wait until my TV eventually dies, or I can continue to use the S-video out on my old TiG4, which is now my wife's computer.

The 12" was nice and compact, however; no question about that.

~m. said...

I love my 12" PB G4. Six years old and I still use it more than whatever is sitting on my desk.

Gridlock said...

I miss my 12" PowerBook. The keyboard was amazing, the construction unbeatable. Batteries have a limited life though.

Has anyone used both one of those and an Air? Are they comparable?

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