Sunday, April 05, 2009

a remarkable number of Soviet celebrities

A little news from the rialto. We're seeing more and more movements using the name "Sky Cabs", with either Phoenix Aviation/AVE's call sign PHW or else 2E. Interestingly, the company of this identity was shut down in Colombo after a horrible accident back in 2000. The matching ICAO code was SCB; we've not seen that one. The original Sky Cabs' small fleet of Antonov-12s went to Silk Way, Santa Cruz Imperial, that Rosetta stone of Viktor Bout companies, or the fire dump.

We're also seeing something called Euro Atlantic, and Asia Wings; Asia Wings' ICAO code, AWA, is the call sign of "Atlantic Airlines" of the Gambia, before it was shut down and banned from the European Union. The only known aircraft from Atlantic is An-12 serial number 347109, known at ATI (Aerocom/Jet Line) as ER-ADG and currently S9-KHF at Transliz.

I don't have any interesting information about Airfreight Aviation, the Russian UAE firm involved in this case, except to say that a truly remarkable number of Russian celebrities are employed in the aviation business there, seeing as their contact is given as Oleg Borisov. A common name, sure, but it's truly remarkable if you look at all the others.

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