Sunday, April 01, 2007

Yes, there is STILL not going to be a war with Iran

How many times do I have to tell you? A US aircraft carrier will leave port for the Gulf every six months, about six months after the last one. BTW, the assorted speculation on some of the US blogs about the RN's carriers is risible. The current RN presence in the Gulf consists of two minesweepers, a destroyer, a frigate, and a couple of auxiliaries. I'm not sure Illustrious and Ark Royal are even operational.

Now, what scares me is the French, whose Charles de Gaulle recently arrived in the Arabian Sea. You just don't know what these imperialists will do next!

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Chris Williams said...

What is it with the MSM? I spend three days out of contact in intensive travel and childcare mode, during which the Ike is either going to end its deployment or not. Then I get back to find out whether or not Dubya can do anything REALLY stupid in the near future.

You might think that this 'Will there be war in the next 4 months?' question was pretty important. But has anyone actually answered it? Have they arse. There's got to be a gap in the market here - Alex?

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