Thursday, July 15, 2004

BBC Stupidity

Essential viewing tonight - not just one but two BBC documentaries on Saudi Arabia (This World, 2100, BBC2, and The House of Saud, 2320, BBC2), and another produced from 6 months' secret filming of BNP meetings (The Secret Agent, 2100, BBC1). Highlights include their shirt-pocket f├╝hrer Nick Griffin ranting madly about Muslims raping white girls to a pubful of supporters in Keighley. Too close to home.

In an egregiously stupid act, the Beeb has scheduled the BNP and Saudi docs to go out simultaneously! So it's a choice - Saudis or fascists? (Is there a logical flaw here?) The reason appears to be that the 50minute This World is to go out after an hour of GOLF HIGHLIGHTS! Do they have highlights in golf? And why couldn't they show the hour of golf in the BBC1 9pm slot, instead of the BNP film - which would have allowed them to show it before the Saudi one? You wonder how decisions like that get made.

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